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Regata OS with NVIDIA driver
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Donating to the Regata OS

Hello, my name is Josué José Vicente. I am the creator and leader of the Regata OS project. Since launching to the public in 2013, We have had the honor of having a dedicated and enthusiastic community. The Regata OS project grew and evolved thanks to to the continued support of users like you, whether through donations or feedback.

We are committed to maintaining the Regata OS, a free and open source operating system based on Linux (more precisely openSUSE), but to guarantee its continuous development and significant improvements, we count on with your generosity and financial support.

How you can help: make a donation!

Every contribution, regardless of size (a single dollar or more), makes a real difference. Your donation helps fund:

  • Continuous development and enhancement of features.
  • Server and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Technical support for the community.

Your donation makes all the difference in building a more robust and exciting future for our system operational. So, if the Regata OS is useful to you — and if you want to help and can —, donate to the project and encourage others to contribute too.

How to donate?

You can make a donation (in USD or in Euro) through PayPal by clicking one of the buttons below. Donations can be either one-time or recurring to provide ongoing support. The currency will be automatically converted during the transaction.