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Get to know some of the main features of the Regata OS and know what you can do and how to be even more productive.
The Regata OS has features that help you with your day-to-day tasks, whether it's time to access your files in the cloud or when you want to transfer your photos from your mobile device to your PC. There is also news for players.
To do more
We separate the best apps for you
With the Regata OS Store, it's easier to install applications and games that you can not miss in your life. In addition to getting your favorite apps easily, there's nothing more motivating than finding a new app that enhances your work. App pages in the store do not only feature description but also provide more insight into how an app works, so it's easier to discover your next app or favorite game.
Access all your things
Access and edit your files in the cloud
The Regata OS has native integration with Google Drive which, as its name suggests, is Google's file storage and synchronization service. This allows you to easily sync your files in the cloud with your PC, as well as being able to edit images with the Gwenview photo viewer and text files with KWrite directly in Google Drive.
For those who enjoy a game
Support for Vulkan, gaming mode and FSR
The gaming experience on a PC today also depends on the graphics processor (GPU) inside it. And GPUs are getting more and more powerful. With the Vulkan graphics API included in the Regata OS, the games developed with it can take full advantage of the GPU's power. Vulkan offers unique support for near-physical control, enabling faster performance and better image quality. No other graphical API offers the same powerful combination of rendering capabilities and hardware efficiency.
With the GPU at full throttle, your processor needs to be working accordingly so as not to disrupt your gameplay. Feral Interactive's GameMode feature optimizes your processor to deliver the best performance. This happens when some game is run with Regata OS Game Access. Also available is AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology, which helps boost frame rates in games while delivering high-resolution experiences.
Immerse yourself in a vast game library
Regata OS Game Access
In addition to being able to access and run on Regata OS games available in your Steam library, which were previously exclusive to Windows, through the Steam Play/Proton feature, with Regata OS Game Access you can also access and run your available games in the catalog of other digital game distribution services, such as Origin,, Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store. Learn more about Regata OS Game Access
Make the most of your hardware
It has never been easier to set up notebooks with hybrid graphics
To make life easier for those with hybrid graphics notebooks, Regata OS already runs some applications with the dedicated GPU by default on AMD and NVIDIA laptops, which is very useful for software that needs the full power of hardware to work well. However, you can manage this feature with PRIME Settings, a tool with a very simple and easy-to-use interface that helps you configure which applications to run with the device's dedicated GPU.
Forget the cables
Transfer your files from your smartphone to your PC
The Regata OS works with other Android devices in a very simple and intuitive way. This is possible thanks to the KDE Connect tool, which offers several features to integrate, for example, your smartphone with your computer when connected to the same network, allowing you to share files from your phone with your PC without the need for a USB cable.
But not only that. Among the possibilities, it is possible to emulate the touchpad (use your phone's screen as a touchpad of your computer) and keyboard, read your Android notifications on your desktop, share the clipboard (copy and paste between your mobile phone and the PC) as well as use the mobile device screen as remote control for multimedia players. To take advantage of these features, you only need to install KDE Connect on your Android device through Google Play.
To create content
Hardware accelerated video encoding
Regata OS supports hardware-accelerated video encoding and decoding thanks to the latest FFmpeg technologies, a complete, cross-platform solution for recording, converting and streaming audio and video. This basically means that you can use video encoding using technologies like NVENC (for NVIDIA graphics cards) and Advanced Media Framework (for more modern AMD Radeon graphics cards).