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Questions about Regata OS

Questions about Regata OS?

Can I do everything I need in Regata OS?
Yes. With the Regata OS app store, you can easily install the apps you need to work and play. You can be productive with apps like OnlyOffice and Microsoft® Office Online, get creative with apps like Gravit Designer or DaVinci Resolve, and kick back with apps like ElectronPlayer or enjoy your favorite PC and console games using Heroic Games Launcher, Lutris and RetroArch.
Can I use Microsoft® Office on Regata OS?
Regata OS works with Microsoft® Office Online. Whether Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® or OneNote®, you can easily find the apps on the web, using your favorite browser, or by installing an "unofficial client" from the Regata OS Store, which works as a shortcut to Office Online. However, with several free office suites available through the app store for working offline, Regata OS is well equipped to help you be even more productive and get your work done.
The Regata OS is safe?
Yes. As Regata OS is based on Linux, each element of the operating system can be independently audited, monitored and secured, thanks to the modular nature of Linux. The system has built-in modules and tools that help improve security blocking, monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting. Linux also orchestrates efforts to separate user space from the rest of the system.
The Regata OS is good for gaming?
Yes. In addition to making use of the Vulkan graphics API, Regata OS has optimizations that help games take better advantage of more modern hardware, from kernel-level improvements and features that are available in user space, such as GameMode, from Feral Interactive. , and AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution). You can also have fun with services like Geforce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming (Xcloud).
Can I use Regata OS for creativity tasks?
Yes. The Regata OS Store has several apps to help you get creative. There are photo and video editing apps like GIMP, Darktable and Kdenlive, design apps like Krita, Inkscape and Gravit Designer, sketching apps like Pinta and KolourPaint, and even music making apps like MuseScore, Guitarix and LMMS.
Can I use Regata OS for development?
Yes. The Regata OS Store has several apps to help you with programming, allowing you to easily install IDEs like Android Studio, PyCharm Community Edition and NetBeans. In addition, a variety of code editors such as Visual Studio Code, Atom and Sublime Text are also available, as well as applications for database administration and development with MySQL/MariaDB such as Navicat for MySQL and Beekeeper Studio.