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Game Access

Get quick and easy access to your game library
Easily access your entire game library and play a variety of games on your Regata OS that were once unique to Windows.

Regata OS Game Access

In addition to being able to access and run games in Regata OS available in your Steam library that were previously Windows exclusive, using Valve's Steam Play feature, with Regata OS Game Access you can also access and play titles available in the other digital game distribution services, such as Origin, and Epic Games Store.
Don't worry with settings
Play more
Life’s complicated enough. Forget complex settings. You don't need to know what's under the hood, or even know how it all works or define the best configuration among advanced options to get the best out of your hardware to run your Windows games on Regata OS. We already do this for you! Just hit the play button and start having fun.
Designed for speed
Games are better with Vulkan
To run games developed with DirectX, Regata OS Game Access makes use of the Vulkan graphics API, which offers unique support for near-physical control, allowing for better performance, with higher FPS rates, as well as a more stable framerate.

The Vulkan API allows games to better leverage hardware, even those titles developed for Windows. This is great when you want to run more demanding AAA games.
For better performance
GameMode and AMD FSR
In addition to making use of Vulkan to provide the best gaming experience, Regata OS also has a feature that allows you to automatically perform on-demand performance optimizations, which is enabled by default for Regata OS Game Access. This is the GameMode tool, created by Feral Interactive, responsible for the arrival of AAA games on Linux, which allows games to request that a set of optimizations be temporarily applied to the CPU, GPU and I/O.
Another feature that is available for Regata OS Game Access to help with higher frame rates in games is AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution), technology that delivers high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences without you having to upgrade to a new video card.
Simply next gen
Optimized for games
So that the most demanding games running with Regata OS Game Access or Steam can better take advantage of the full potential of your PC's hardware, Regata OS has "under the hood" optimizations that make all the difference when playing your favorite games.